Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Back in Bangkok! Back in Bangkok for the third and final time of my trip. I don't even like it that much, I just gravitate here for flights to leave it. 

But anyhow, I'm staying in the same hostel as I did the first two times (Loftel 22). It's exactly the same and they're really nice and it feels like coming back to a home. When it's actually the first stepping stone to going back to real home. 

I just went and got street food (noodle soup) from my favourite vendor round the corner and then had a shower (Luang Prabang was really hot today and Bangkok seems to be forever humid). Tomorrow, which is my last day of the trip, I'm meeting my friend who I met here before for the afternoon and we're going to have dinner before I go to the airport in the evening. 

The last time I was sitting on a bed in this hostel I was with Laura. We were planning our month-long trip around Asia, and now that's over, and so is my year-long trip around the world. 

I'm so conflicted, and one minute I'm so looking forward to being at home, and the next I realise how sad I'll be to leave the travelling lifestyle and settle into a more mundane *normal* routine. But the nice thing is that every traveller I've spoken to gets what I'm feeling right now. Whenever I mention that it's the end of my trip people ask me how I'm feeling about it, and when I say I've been travelling for a year their mouths normally drop open in a rather comical way. Everyone is heading towards this inevitability, and everyone wants to know what it's like. 

One thing is for sure, I'm so glad I finished my trip in Luang Prabang. It's a fantastic place and I hope my life takes me back there one day. All that's left is a day in Bangkok with my friend, and the next day I'll be home in Birmingham. Having tea with my family and drinks with my friends, curries with the old curry gang, and Just Dance sessions with my brother, massive roast dinners, free run of my entire wardrobe, open fires and TV in my dressing gown, and trips around the UK for various long-overdue reunions. 

Am I excited? 

Hell yes I am. 

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