Sunday, 15 February 2015



It's hitting me like a tonne of bricks, subsiding, and then comes smashing down on me again. 

After not enjoying Vietnam, and finding myself counting the days until I was home, I thought I was just fed up of travelling. But coming to Laos and experiencing the different pace of life here has reignited something within me. 

I love hopping off planes, trains, buses, tuk-tuks and exploring beautiful places, having no responsibilities except for myself, meeting new people and seeing things I've dreamt of for years. 

And on Thursday all that will change. 

It will be lovely to see my family, my friends, my home, with all my home comforts that I can't deny I've yearned for at times over the last 12 months. I'm looking forward to that, perhaps more than I realise at this precise moment. But what it means is that my life won't be special anymore. Or not how I've gotten used to it being - constantly on the move, always looking forward to the next spectacular destination. It's been tiring, bewildering, frustrating, and the best year of my life. 

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