Thursday, 12 June 2014

Retracing my Steps

The last few days I've been heading north, following the same path I took a month ago. I stopped for a few days in Wellington and stayed with my family friends again. They were so welcoming and made me feel right at home. So I left feeling nice and refreshed.

Right now I'm in Taupo again. I hopped off the Kiwi Experience bus here because I've got a week left before I leave for Australia and I didn't want to spend the whole week mooching around Auckland. And I did want to explore Lake Taupo more when I was here the first time. 

This afternoon I did the Barbary boat tour out to see the Maori carvings on the cliffside, and that was really cool to see. And there were skydivers jumping above us, which took me right back to when I did my skydive a few weeks ago. It still gives me tingles to remember it. 

Tomorrow I'm planning to do a walk around the lake for a bit, and then I might go to the hot pools, depending on price. 

Although I'm still having a good time and there are some cool people at my hostel, the majority of the New Zealand fun is over now, and I kind of just want to go to Australia. I actually changed my flight a few months ago to give myself extra time here, in case I wanted to hop off and explore somewhere more, and I kind of regret that. But it's better to still be in nice places for a few days than have to cut short plans, and I wanted to have enough time to be flexible. 

I absolutely love New Zealand though. I have to say, a working holiday visa here is an extremely tempting thought. 

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