Thursday, 19 June 2014


Four months ago today I left the UK, and today I spent my first full day here in Australia. A double milestone.

Last night my uncle picked me up from Melbourne International, and took me straight to meet my aunt and cousin at a wine bar, followed by fish and chips. I was a very happy boy. They live in a beautiful beachfront house in a suburb of the city and they are extremely kind and are letting me live with them. I'm here to find work and get some funds back together before I continue exploring Australia and head up to Asia. I have enough money left to do one or the other, but not both. 

So today was a day of bureaucracy and sorting. I applied for a TFN (tax file number) and opened Australian bank accounts. Tomorrow I'm going to join Medicare. Then I can get down to some proper jobhunting. And maybe some exploration of Melbourne too. And according to Monocle's Most Liveable Cities Index, Melbourne stands at number three, after Copenhagen and Tokyo. So after living here for a while, I'll have hit two out of three! Watch out, Denmark. 

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