Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Desert Rose

I've decided I like deserts. Which is very odd, as I'm a city kid through and through. But there's something about the colours of deserts that makes me happy. The pure blue sky over a barren landscape littered with shrubs and the occasional tree. Deserts are beautiful.

Australia's Red Centre is quite different to Chile's Atacama, but they both have the vast expanses of nothingness and cloudless skies that I seem to love.

Although I pretty much baked in the 42C temperatures all through my day trip out to the McDonnell Ranges today, I love the dry heat. Give me this over humidity any day!

The tour I did was with Emu Run, and the guide was really good. We visited a lot of great sights, including chasms, waterholes, camel farms... All the essentials. Including a public toilet crawling with bugs and spiders. I spotted a redback on its web above the door, and that was me done. I waited for the next toilet stop.

I have a week left in Australia, after spending five months here. I was wishing away my time working in Melbourne to get back to travelling, and now I wonder if I might miss my life Down Under.

Damn that green grass.

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