Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mama Africa, Cusco

Last night my host sister Sarah and I wanted to go out for a dance. A bit of a boogie. We'd seen Mama Africa during the day, as it's on the main square of Cusco - Plaza de Armas.

And it was absolutely perfect. There are free salsa classes every night from opening at 9pm til 11pm, and then the party continues. We went and practised our salsa moves for a bit and then went to the bar below it. They were both free entry. 

Once we were suitably cocktailed up we headed back to Mama Africa, and with each delightfully cheesy flash of the strobe lights came another classic. The music was commercial, so if that's not your thing you might want to look farther afield. For me it was the perfect blend of Latin music, in both English and Spanish, a bit of raggaeton and cumbia, and Western pop. 

Everything, from the slight haze of cigarette smoke clinging to the laserlight-ridden ceiling above the people dancing on the bar, to the guy walking round pouring spirits into people's mouths, made for a great party. 

Cusco is a big party town. If you have time to make the most of it, I heartily recommend Mama Africa for a good shimmy. 

Mama Africa. Portal de Panes 109 3th Floor, Portal de Panes 109, Cusco 08002, Peru

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