Sunday, 30 March 2014

San Pedro Lodge, Iquitos

I decided that San Pedro Lodge deserves its own post, because it made my stay in the Amazon comfortable, enjoyable and unforgettable.

Located about 45 minutes from Iquitos airport and 90 minutes from the main port of Iquitos, the lodge is nestled on a hill just above the riverbank (during high-water season) in the small San Pedro village. 

Its owners are fantastic. So helpful and flexible, and easy to talk to. There's a nice communal area enclosed in mosquito netting, with the eating area and the kitchen, with some board games under the table. That's in the main building, the only one that has electricity, so you can charge your electronics during the evening. There's also a covered area with hammocks that overlooks the garden sloping down to the river. There are two cats and a dog who play around the site as well. 

The food they serve (breakfast is included, lunch is included when you do day tours, and sometimes dinner too, otherwise dinner is 15 soles) is fantastic. There's a great mix of fish, meat, vegetables, rice, pasta, potatoes and beans. It's all very fresh and the portions are good. They also cater to vegetarians. 

The bungalows are clean and comfortable. There's no glass on the windows, just mosquito netting, which allows a good breeze to flow through the room during the night. Mosquito nets are also provided on all beds. The roof is thatched, and there are small holes in it, but I had no unwelcome encounters with any animals in my bungalow. 

The toilets are clean and flush well. The sinks work fine too. The showers aren't warm but the pressure is good. 

They organise day tours which you can book onto when you arrive, and as with me, if you're travelling alone and there aren't enough people to do one of the set tours, they can arrange a private guide that you pay directly. I did their jungle tour the first day, and then I made my own itinerary for the second day.

It's a not-for-profit organisation, and you won't find better prices for a similar thing in the area. The airport transfers and boat transfers from lodge to Iquitos are included in the room price. The vibe there is really chilled. I made some great friends in just three days there. 

I would absolutely recommend San Pedro Lodge if you're looking to stay in the jungle rather than an air conditioned pool resort in Iquitos. It isn't too far into the jungle, so if you're looking for absolute seclusion you might want to consider somewhere further in, although you will pay more. 

If you go to this lodge, you will have a blast. I've already recommended it to friends, and I like my friends, so you can trust my recommendation. Go and enjoy it! 


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