Monday, 31 March 2014

Oh Happy Day

I started volunteering this morning, with a three-hour shift at the animal conservation centre. It was hard work, but it was so cool. They have so many animals! I was really surprised how big it was. I went into some of the safer cages to feed clean and feed the animals, which was great.

And before that shift, I got up early with my host father and we went to buy tickets for Machu Picchu, so that's happening! This weekend Milena and I are staying in Aguas Calientes overnight and going up to Machu Picchu early on Sunday morning. I'm so excited. And it's my 25th birthday the following Wednesday, so what better birthday present to myself is there than a visit to one of the most iconic places in the world? 

And the good times continued with my first Spanish lesson this afternoon, which are included in the volunteering fee. I opted for private lessons, because when given the choice between group lessons or a private lesson where the focus is on your individual needs, what are you going to choose? 

It was a real confidence-boost. The teacher, Roberth, seemed impressed when I said that I'd got to where I am through self study. But I want to be better. So this evening I came back with fresh enthusiasm for Spanish study and did my homework. Gotta love those verbs. 

It's nice to have a routine, even if that routine does involve getting up at 6.45. And I'm very happy with my host family and the other volunteers I'm living with. Tomorrow night I'm going to a salsa class (free provided by the charity I'm working with) and then I've read that there's a place nearby that does good fish and chips. Cue drool. So that's getting a visit after we salsa our feet sore. I used to do salsa at home so it'll be nice to rekindle that old flame. As a disappointing addition, we went to find the Real McCoy British restaurant, and it closed down a few months ago. Wasted drool. 

I'm building a nice life for myself here in Cusco. It's just a shame that in two weeks I'll be back in the road and it'll just be a memory. I'll enjoy it while I have it. 

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