Monday, 24 February 2014


I am here! I am so here! I've actually been here since Thursday night, but things have been such an amazing blur I've been neglecting my blog. The flight went surprisingly quickly, and I got chatting to an Irish couple who were going to Argentina to get married. What a nice thing to do! And then suddenly I found myself in Brazil. At several points I've had to check myself and think "Hold on, I'm in Brazil." But it's a wonderful feeling.

I got to my hotel without incident, although don't go to the first taxi company you find at the stands in the airport - they are much more expensive than the others! When I got to my hotel I found that I'd been upgraded for free to a Superior room, which had a sitting room, a bath, a shower and air-con. What a treat!

And now here I am, sitting in a hostel in the middle of Rio, sweating buckets but very happy.

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