Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hostel Life

Since I last posted nothing has changed in how much I work, but I have moved into a hostel for the last month of my time in Melbourne. My family who I was staying with had other family arriving, so that was my cue to move up into the centre. I now live on Chapel Street, in a really funky, happening area. The street is crammed full of cafés, shops, bars and clubs. It's a cosmopolitan paradise. Plus it's only 20 minutes from the restaurant where I do most of my hours, covering a supervisor's holiday. I still do my hour commute back to the café opposite my family's house every Sunday, but it's only for a month, and I get to see my friends there and go to the beach after my shift.

Living in the hostel is cool. I thought it might be difficult adjusting to sharing a room while still having the responsibilities of working over 40 hours a week, but it's been fine. I'm not often here, and when I am it's a really chilled atmosphere and there are nice people in my room. I drew the short straw and I'm on the top bunk, but it's only for a month. Human beings are great adapters. We can handle anything for a month. 

I've also managed to squeeze a social life out of Australia! I see friends from both workplaces that I'm still at, and people from the hostel. I even went clubbing on Chapel St on Sunday night (the hospitality worker's Friday night) and broke my four-month fast on dancing. That was a tough dry spell. And afterwards I was able to walk home! Gotta love this location. 

I also got stopped to do an interview for my favourite Australian radio station (Mix FM) on my way to Prahran Market today. I'm forever switching the radio to that station at work, and now my voice will be on it! I've left my mark on Melbourne. 

I've now told my bosses that I'm leaving in three weeks. They both went very quiet, and I felt so guilty. The manager of the restaurant said that he'd been very impressed with me, and that I was the kind of employee he wishes everyone could be. Talk about guilt! 

But it's definitely onwards and upwards. I can enjoy my remaining time working and living in Melbourne, but it's almost time for me to be back on the road. And boy do I have big plans! 

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